Collector’s Corner: Eaglemoss WWE Hero Collector – Rock N’ Sock Connection 2-Pack (Photos)

On the latest Collector’s Corner we take a look at the new Eaglemoss WWE Hero Collector Rock N’ Sock Connection 2-pack!

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The Packaging

This set marks the second 2-pack in the WWE Championship Collection with a wider box with the figurines within. The box is decorated with logos, such as Rock N’ Sock Connection as well as images of Rock and Mankind on the sides. The back also features a booklet, like the others, that has highlights of their tag team career together. Each figure is protected in plastic to avoid damage in storage and transit.

The Rock

First up we have none other than The Rock himself. Rock is very young in this set as he has his thicker hair and sideburns. He’s doing the people’s eyebrow with one eye opened wide as well as showing off his elbow as if he’s about to smack someone. He’s also sporting his signature trunks with the Brahama Bull logo and his name on them. Followed by his knee pads and signature boots. There’s a lot of great detail on this figure, such as the logos on his elbow pads and even his Brahama Bull tattoo on his right bicep. Rock is also on a stand with the WWE logo engraved on it and felt/a sticker with his name on it underneath.

Overall, this figure of Rock is nice. The detail on it is great for his scale, especially the details on the elbow pads. I was quite impressed they included that as we never see that on Mattel figures. The likeness is pretty good, too. My only gripe with this one really is that I think his scan should be a little more brown as he just looks more tan to me than his natural skin color. Other than that I really like it a lot.


Next up we have the second half of the Rock N’ Sock Connection, Mick Foley, aka Mankind, himself! Mankind is pretty detailed as well, which was unexpected since his attire really isn’t that complicated. He features his long hair, his missing teeth and his mask with the metal details. He also has Mr. Socko on his right hand and his oversized, wrinkly white shirt. Not to mention his black pants and white shoes, which actually have logos and designs on them and even the little loops on the back, which was very unexpected yet awesome. He, too, is on a display stand with the WWE logo engraved on it and felt/a sticker with his name on it underneath.

Overall, I was very impressed with Mankind. The detail on him, especially the shoes alone, really caught me off guard in a great way. I thought it was awesome they went above and beyond to capture the logos and even the little loops on his shoes. We never see that kind of detail on Mattel figures so that was very cool to me. The likeness is pretty good, nothing great, but the detail on his shirt and mask is nice, too. I feel Mr. Socko could’ve been more detailed but other than that I really like this figure of Mankind a lot. They really knocked it out of the park honestly.


Overall, if you grew up with the Attitude Era like myself I highly recommend this set. It’s very well done as the detail on these is pretty epic as some of it was so minor you wouldn’t expect to see it on a figure of this scale. Eaglemoss did a great job and these two will make a fine addition to your collection. Definitely don’t pass up on getting this one!

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