AEW Dynamite Results (9/9/20)

AEW Dynamite Results

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AEW Dynamite, September 9, 2020

Daily’s Place, Jacksonville, FL

Commentators: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone & Excalibur

The show starts off with Tony Schiavone standing outside and both MJF and Chris Jericho enter the picture. They exchange major friendly pleasantries as both talk about the travesty in one another’s matches. As they exit the camera goes to split screen and we see the two walking away from one another saying to themselves “What a loser.”


Lucha Bros. vs. Jurassic Express

Jungle Boy and Rey Fenix jock for position and JB flourishes with an impressive arm drag utilizing the ropes. Fenix does the same. The two reach a pinfall stalemate. Tag to Penta. Hard dropkick to JB by Fenix. He and Penta do an assisted wheelbarrow splash. Hard chest chop to JB. JB escapes a package piledriver to tag in Luchasaurus and the two take over. JB slips a bit and JR notes the humidity being a factor. Penta insults Lucha but the two trade chops. He cross bodies Lucha, but the dino makes the tag to JB and goes into a high-flying flurry. The Bros catch JB on the apron and Penta shoves him off into a Fenix superkick.

Back in the ring, Penta gives a quadriceps kick to JB. Surfboard stretch. Rick Drasin gets a tribute from Excalibur who notes that the late bodybuilder trained both Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy. Tag to Lucha who goes on a tear. Rey Fenix feels the wrath of a slam. Penta comes in, but gets some knees in the corner. Lucha catches Rey on a springboard and delivers a massive chokeslam. He nearly gets a win, but Penta breaks it up after two.

Fenix springboard headbutts Lucha. He gives JB a Gory Driver. Tag to Penta who hits Lucha with a sling blade and then a backstabber on Jungle Boy. A double team package piledriver gets a very near fall on JB, but to the Brothers surprise he kicks out.  JB catches Fenix in a mid-double-team manuever to roll him up for the sudden 1-2-3.

WINNERS: The Lucha Bros.

Penta and Rey argue as Butcher and Blade come in to play peacemakers. Eddie Kingston grabs the mic. He says he’s here for them. He asks Rey about kicking Blade in the face during the Battle Royale. They should be together and united. Eddie demands the brothers to shake hands. Penta shoves Rey instead. Rey offers it and the two hug. Eddie notes that he was never eliminated from the Battle Royale. “Look up the rules!” He says before winking at the camera.

We see Jake Roberts and Archer in a back alley. It’s raining out.  Roberts says to enjoy being wet and says Moxley will piss himself when being confronted by The Murderhawk Monster. Archer says he has nothing but despair to look forward to. He will be the AEW World Champion and there’s nothing anybody can do about.

Matt Hardy comes out and gets a big reception. He thanks everybody. He said Saturday he suffered a very scary fall and know that it frightened a lot of people. He thanks everybody for the outpour of support. He is very happy to stand in front of everybody and tell them that he’s expected to make a full recovery. He says he’s a lucky man and shows Reby and his newborn baby in the crowd. He apologizes to his family and apologizes to the fans. He thanks them for their support. He said the Broken Rules match didn’t turn out the way he wanted. He says he’s going to get healthy and when he does he plans to chase his first AEW Championship. He notes Private Party in the crowd. He says pro wrestling is his love and passion. His journey is not over. He thanks the fans once more before exiting.


Angelico (w/ Jack Evans) vs. Orange Cassidy

Bell rings and Evans gets on the apron to distract Orange and Angelico slugs him before tying Cassidy up. Arm wrenching, but Orange reverses it. He goes for the pockets but Orange locks the fingers and stretches OC. Cassidy frees himself and goes for his swinging DDT but Angelico ties himself in a modified crossface. OC makes it to the ropes. Orange gets tossed in the corner, but he casually sits down and it sends Angelico tumbling. Tope forearm. He then hits Angelico in the ring with a swinging DDT. Orange Punch and it’s all over.

WINNER: Orange Cassidy

Post-match, Santana and Ortiz beat him down with the now familiar baton. Best Friends come in for the save. Chuck gets on the mic. He says this has got to end. He challenges to a parking lot brawl. Trent tells them to take that apology and shove it up their asses. They are coming to hurt Santana and Ortiz and to make Trent’s mama proud.

Alex Marvez knocks on the door of The Young Bucks’ locker room. After thinking they’re not going to answer, they do and superkick Alex in unison. Excalibur notes that you can’t do that to a staff member and that the Bucks are going down a dark road.

Out comes Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford. He kicks Tony Schiavone out of the ring before introducting “the best man.” Out comes Puff, a Twitch subscriber. He comes out elated and Kip says that Puff misunderstood him he was the “best subscriber.” Kip kicks him to the curb. Out comes Brian Pillman. Kip also says there’s a misunderstanding, he texted Brian “You’re the best, man” and said it was just to get him off his back. Pillman leaves and it’s Rusev (aka Miro)! He and Kip embrace as they share Twitch comradery. Miro is amped up and gets the crowd going heavy. “Miro Day” chants are going down. He says it has a good ring to it. 10 years in the same house, under the same glass ceiling, with an imaginary brass ring. He says you can take that brass ring and shove it up your ass. He says elite recognizes the elite. He’s not just Kip’s best man but “He is the best man.” He closes it out by saying “My name is Miro and I am All Elite.”

Adam Page was sitting down with Tony Schiavone earlier in the day. He says Matt and Nick should’ve won the gauntlet and it was stupid of him do any of it, including befriending FTR. Schiavone notes Kenny’s anger after the match. Where do they go from there? Hangman says they had a lot of problems and a lot of victories. This is our toughest test, but they’ll get through it. An emotional and somewhat despondent Hangman in this segment.


Chris Jericho & Jake Hager vs. Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss

Y2J and Joey start things off and Joey soon comes firing away at The Demo God. Forearm by Janela before tagging in Sonny for a series of double teams. JR notes shades of Eddie Gilbert. Sonny knocks Hager off the apron, but Jericho takes over. He chokes Sonny in the ropes and gives Jericho a hard kick mid-ring. Stereo dropkicks by the duo sending Inner Circle in circles.

Later on, Joey takes a chair to the back of Chris. Chris avoids an attack and drops Joey on the leg of the chair before we head to break. Back from break, Chris is in control of Joey, but tags are made and Sonny shows that she has Jake’s number. Jericho has to break up the pin attempt. Sonny blindsided by Hager. Hager puts a trash can on top of Sonny but as he goes for a Hager Bomb, Sonny pushes it up into Hager.

Janela gets involved and soon enough Hager catches Joey and throws him off the stage through the table. Sonny takes it Hager and Jericho hard. He slugs Jake down with a single shot. As he clmbs the turnbuckle, Jericho sprays Sonny with a fire extinguisher and it allows Hager to power Sonny down with a uranage for the win.

WINNERS: The Inner Circle

Jericho gets on the mic and tells Jacksonville that The Inner Circle had a terrible night at All Out. Chris reveals that he and Hager are setting their sights on the tag division and the AEW Tag Titles.

Backstage, MJF fires everyone on his MJF 2020 campaign. He makes a smiling Nina cry as Lee offers him one last piece of gum. Wardlow calls MJF “sir” who flips out on the big man. This causes tension, but MJF reminds Wardlow that he’s the one who signs his checks, not Tony Khan. He then asks him once more if Wardlow has a problem. Wardlow says no. MJF says good and that they’ll find their place on top once more.

Moxley notes Archer winning the Battle Royale and he says to himself “son of a bitch!” He however knows there’s no shortcuts. The only way to be champ is to be willing to crawl through a mile of crap and that’s why he is the standard for the industry. He feels and knows he is unstoppable. When you look at Archer, you may see a monster, but he sees a man. Are you really going to go against him?

In ring, Tully Blanchard is standing in the ring. He calls FTR the greatest tag team in the world. The heat tempature in the ring was 117 degrees on Saturday, but FTR fought for 30 minutes and they overcame. Cash says AEW has the deepest and the best tag teams in the world. They may be undefeated in AEW, but they had to fight their way for glory. They then begin to run down teams like SCU and Private Party. Dax says to everyone that they’re the locker room leaders now. Then they go after Billy & Austin Gunn. They reveal that next week Jurassic Express have a shot at beating them next week and if they do, maybe they’ll give them a shot. In come JX, and Dash puts a stop to it and says they’re hear to celebrate tag team wrestling. They feign a toast with the trio, but toss the booze in Lucha’s face. They clear the ring and as FTR are on the outside, Marko Stunt dumps the cooler of ice on them.

Taz is on commentary when Darby Allin’s music hits, but out comes Ricky Starks all emo’ed out. He states that Darby decorates his jackets and his skateboard. There’s a reason Darby sits by himself backstage but there’s also a reason he’s sitting at home nursing his wounds right now. He makes it clear that he’s coming for Darby.


Tay Conti vs. Nyla Rose (w/ Vickie Guerrero)

Nyla quickly comes hammering away at Tay. Conti hits a question mark kick and tries rolling up Nyla for two. She locks The Native Beast in a leg bar, but Nyla frees herself with an eye gouge. Out goes Tay and Vickie attacks her as we head to break.

Back from break Contin goes for a sunset flip before Nyla lifts her up and slams her down hard. JR and Excalibur note that The Young Bucks have been fined $5,000 each for their actions against Alex Marvez. Conti has Nyla locked in a fierce armbar but gets hoisted up for a Beast Bomb and gets the pinfall win.

WINNER: Nyla Rose

Vickie gets on the mic and the two make a motion to attack Conti further, but in comes  Hikaru Shida for the save.

Kenny Omega is sitting down with JR earlier in the day. He had these expecations upon him that he was supposed to be the top singles star, but his pairing with Hangman led him down a different path. JR asks him what’s next for Kenny? Omega says the tag division is so deep and to get where they were they had to go on quite the journey. Omega tells he doesn’t like what he sees in Page and he thinks it’s time to get back to singles competition.

Right after that, Excalibur reveals that Lance Archer will be getting his AEW World Championship shot on the October 14 edition of AEW Dynamite and run down the card for next week.


AEW TNT Championship

Dustin Rhodes vs. Brodie Lee (c)

Lee turns his back on Dustin and THe Natural immediately goes on the attack. It all spills onto the outside and into the crowd. Dustin slams Brodie’s head off the steps and Brodie feeds John Silver to Dustin. Action gets back in the ring and the bell officially rings. Fight briefly goes to the outside once more before Brodie and Dustin trade chops back in the ring. Dustin dustin does the lonng elusive ten punch count (and then some!) Hard shots by Dustin in the corner more, but Brodie further takes it to Rhodesand catapults chokes Dustin on the second rope.

Back from break, Dustin on the offensive with his patented powerslam. Canadian Destroyer attempt by Dustin but Brodie shoves him off. Rhodes hits a hurricanrana on  Lee before executing that Canadiain. Two count.

Dustin sets Brodie up for a Cross Rhodes and he hits it. Two count. Soon, there’s a big powerbomb by Brodie. Brodie looks nuckin’ futs after Dustin kicks out.  Brodie charges at Dustin in the corner, but Dustin avoids and catches Leer witha senton off the apron! Back in the ring, Dustin hits a Shattered Dreams on Brodie, powerslams an interfering Silver and smacks Lee back down with a crisp piledriver. He almost gets the win but Lee grabs the rope at the last possible second.

The two are back on their feet and trade shots as Dustin downs him with a hard lariat. Dustin avoids a Bossman slam, but some hard boots before his signature lariat downs Dustin for the 1-2-3.

WINNER and STILL AEW TNT Champion: Brodie Lee

Post match, The Dark Order come in and low blow Dustin and take out QT Marshall.

After the show, there’s a segment with Cody. He likes to say go big or go home. Maybe that he’s out of the ring, maybe he should go home. Or maybe not. There’s something called a “Go Big Show” as he kicks it over to host Bert Kreisher. Cody is revealed to be one of the judges.