Nia Jax Asks WWE To Not Use Facetuned Photo In Ads, Says It Sends The Wrong Message

Nia Jax

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Nia Jax isn’t a fan of recent ads put out by WWE showcasing a heavily edited version of the WWE Tag Team Champion’s face.

“I get that Facetune is a ‘thing’ now, but I’m not a big fan,” Jax stated on her Instagram page. “I wear enough makeup and have great hair installed to pick up where I lack in looks, Facetune is a bit much. Yes, in my untouched pic you can see a big zit on my chin, whatevs. I have asked WWE to please replace my obviously facetuned pic with the untouched, I’m not happy with the message it sends.”

Check out the edited and unedited versions below:

With how fake social media can be, it’s refreshing to see someone like Jax wanting to make sure her actual self is seen.

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