MJF Aims To Change The ‘Car Crash’ Culture In AEW, Explains Why He Hasn’t Joined A Stable

MJF says he doesn’t want to change the rules, he wants to change the culture that Jon Moxley has created as AEW World Heavyweight Champion.

MJF spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard ahead of his championship match against Moxley at AEW All Out and was asked about his ‘campaign’ against the current titleholder. MJF says if he were to win the championship from ‘Dictator Jon’ he’s not looking to change the rules but he does want to see more wrestling in a company that has that very word in its name.

“It’s not necessarily about changing rules, it’s about changing the culture because wrestling’s on the docket and unfortunately, when I watch AEW Dynamite I almost see anything but. I see ‘All Elite Gymnastics’, I see ‘All Elite Car Crash’—it’s just not what wrestling is supposed to be. The reason that’s happening as I stated before is Jon Moxley is champion and people want to copy him and emulate him because they want to be a world champion too. If everyone is doing this car crash style then you’re not getting any wrestling on the show and I want to show everyone that you can be a top guy and wrestle like it’s a sport and treat the sport with respect, and treat the rules with respect, the referees with respect and the viewers with respect. That’s what I want to do as champion, I want to change the culture for the better because we deserve better.”

In the past, MJF has cited names like ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper and Tully Blanchard as influences on his career, and the latter is now involved with the company as an advisor to FTR and Shawn Spears. While Wardlow remains an imposing physical presence in his corner, MJF was asked why he hasn’t gone to Tully to have him join the fold yet. The ‘Salt Of The Earth’ says simply put—he really doesn’t need anyone else’s help right now.

“Perhaps down the line, but just so you know—Tully and I have had our share of steak dinners. I’ve talked to the guy, I’ve picked his brain and I really like him. He’s a sweetheart of a guy. However—there’s a lot of lines being drawn in the sand in AEW. Right off of the top of your head, name every stable there is in All Elite Wrestling right now. Inner Circle, The Elite—there are a lot of lines being drawn in the sand and a lot of guys forming these stables. Team Taz, there’s another one, but I’ve had no reason to form an alliance or a stable. Me, and Wardlow—I’m undefeated! I’ve never lost, so why do I need more men around me?”

“Will there be a day, perhaps, that I realize that in order to get a fair shake in this company because there is a lot of lines being drawn in the sand and you don’t want to be the only man on an island alone during a war? Will I have to start talking to Wardlow about us potentially joining a group or starting our own group? Maybe, but as of right now I don’t foresee it happening because I really don’t need any help.”

MJF “lost” to Moxley on Saturday after the champion used the banned Paradigm Shift maneuver behind the referee’s back to retain the title. We’ll see what MJF has to say about the shenanigans pulled by Moxley—or if he’s reconsidered adding some more people to his circle.

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