Thunder Rosa Is On A Crusade For Women’s Wrestling And What It Should Like On TV

Thunder Rosa is as driven outside of the ring as she is inside of the ropes.

Just this past Saturday at All Out, The NWA Women’s World’s Champion squared off against Hikaru Shida to claim rights for the AEW Women’s Title and put on yet another clinic for the talent and the fans of All Elite Wrestling. In a new interview with Dominic DeAngelo of WrestleZone, Thunder Rosa speaks about not just injecting that NWA flair into a very different AEW product but also making sure she helps lay the groundwork for the growth of wrestling. one that seamlessly flies in with a female focus.

“The talent that we have at NWA, it’s different from the talent that they have in AEW and it will bring a different flair to the show if this is what they want to do and if this is something in the near future,” Rosa commented about the good vibes she saw backstage during her AEW debut on Dynamite. “As you can see, when they brought me in, we showed something completely different that they haven’t seen, that the AEW loyals haven’t seen and that’s what we’re here for is to stir the pot, baby. Show what the NWA’s all about.”

As stated, her intentions aren’t just promotion-based, but all-encompassing as she seeks to make a statement for all of her colleagues in the industry and she said just as much before she took on Shida last Saturday.

“I’m here not to help Shida, but to help myself to put the women’s division on the map. For people to see what women’s wrestling looks like and how it should look like on TV, period. Women are real athletes, man. We should be allowed to do what the men do on the stage, on this stage and I will continue to say it again. I am allowed to do this in the NWA, I’m allowed to do this in the indies, I’m allowed to do this everywhere I set foot in.”

And even though she came up on the losing end, Rosa and Shida did just that as they put on a bout that held up as one of the matches of the evening.

“They’re going to see two wrestlers, not women. Two wrestlers going in for everything at All Out. That is it.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

Check out the entire conversation as Rosa also talks about her MMA background and her own female-based promotion, Mission Pro Wrestling.

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