Dominik Mysterio Says He Thought His SummerSlam Match Was A Rib At First

dominik mysterio

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Dominik Mysterio recently spoke with Alex McCarthy of TalkSPORT and reflected on his WWE run so far. Mysterio discussed his match at WWE SummerSlam and his experience working with Seth Rollins. Here are some highlights.

On his WWE debut and his run so far:

Mysterio: “It’s been crazy, it’s been surreal, you know, having to come down from cloud nine, being in my debut match at SummerSlam to debuting at RAW with my dad the next day. So it’s been a blessing.”

On his match at SummerSlam:

Mysteruo: “Putting the match together was definitely…I couldn’t have picked a better person to have helped me with that, than, you know, Seth and my dad. And we also had the help of our producer, Jamie Noble, another man who’s just outstanding at what he does. So I’m nothing but thankful to those guys and how they’ve guided me and helped me through this crazy debut match at SummerSlam.

“But overall I was very happy with the match, you know, again nothing but great things for Seth and about Seth, and he guided me in unimaginable ways, and I’m nothing but thankful for him and what he’s done for me. But the reaction backstage was crazy, I walked back, I got very emotional, hugged my mom, hugged my dad , hugged Jamie, Seth, you know, the whole deal but everyone was very happy, clapping for me. It was a surreal moment.”

On working with Seth Rollins:

Mysterio: “He said it himself, he’s a master at his craft and he really is. I didn’t know that he got a list of names and he picked me out of there, so that’s really cool, the fact that he was able to trust in me and my work and what I could do. And you know, especially my dad, too, because if my dad told them that I’m good to go and I’m ready, you know, he took my dad’s word for it as well. So again, I’m very thankful for everything that Seth has done for me and how he has guided me through this whole situation.”

On thinking his dad was joking when he told him about the SummerSlam match:

Mysterio: “I didn’t know what was going on, I just go based off what my dad tells me. So we were traveling, and we had just finished up a RAW, and he goes, ‘They want you and Seth for SummerSlam.’ And I was like, ‘Okay, yeah, [laughs,] sure, okay.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, they want me and Seth for SummerSlam, okay.’ And then he goes, ‘No, I’m serious.’ And I was like, ‘Okay, dad.’ I was like, ‘Alright, cool.’ And then I didn’t even think anything if it, I just left it at that, as a joke. And then the next day, he was like, ‘So you ready?’ And I was like, ‘For what? What’re you’re talking about?’ He’s like, ‘You’re gonna wrestle Seth at SummerSlam.’ And then that’s when I was like, okay, alright. I was like, this is pretty serious now.”

The full interview is available here:

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