Kushida Shows An Edge, Attacks Velveteen Dream


Photo by New Japan Pro-Wrestling/Getty Images

During a match between Velveteen Dream and Adonis tonight on NXT, Kushida – who was attacked by Dream a couple of weeks ago – took his revenge out on Dream, delivering a brutal beatdown to the NXT superstar.

After Dream beat Adonis with a Dream Valley Driver, Kushida came down to the ring, attacking Dream by slamming his shoulder into the ring post over and over again. Referees began trying to pull Kushida away, but he continued his assault, eventually locking Dream into an extended armbar thanks to the rope.

For a recap of how things unfolded, check out below:

Dream mocks Adonis. Adonis tells Dream that he is better than Dream. Adonis lands an impressive DDT. Adonis almost accidentally superkicks the referee. As the referee is distracted, Dream pokes Adonis in the eye. Dream hits the Dream Valley Driver for the win.

Winner- Velveteen Dream

After the match, Kushida attacks Dream. Kushida slams’s Dream’s shoulder into the ring post over and over again. Referees try to pull Kushida away. Kushida puts Dream in a rope-assisted armbar.

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