Marty Jannetty Says ‘Murder Confession’ Was A Wrestling Storyline

marty jannetty

Photo Credit: WWE

Marty Jannetty shocked the world last month when he seemingly confessed to a murder, but now he’s saying it was all a work.

“I DID NOT MURDER THAT MAN!” Jannetty wrote on his Facebook page. Jannetty goes on to say that “it was just the beginning of a damn wrestling storyline,” but he had to drop the alleged angle after his local police department got involved. The storyline was meant to see Jannetty’s friend Darren Kelly, a former correction’s officer and wrestler that would “redeem himself by serving justice on me to earn back his stripes.” The match would have a stipulation that if Kelly won, he’d get to take Jannetty in, while if Jannetty won he’d be left alone. However, the storyline is now cancelled.

Jannetty says he wanted to let the Columbus Police Department know that it was a wrestling storyline from the startand not to waste his time but he was told that the angle could make major news and it did. After apologizing to one of his girlfriends, who was mentioned in the initial post, Jannetty says he should’ve done things differently.

“[I] shoulda called the CPD first, and told them what[‘s] up,” Jannetty wrote. “Shoulda told Winnie but that ain’t how I do it. Never have, you can ask around, ask Geno, ask my best friend Curtis M. Burris, who actually took me to the airport the day of me sneak attacking Shawn Michaels from out the audience and winning the IC Championship. I told him I had to go to some Indy show in Vegas. Imagine his shock that night watching Monday Night Raw. But that’s how I do it. Maybe old school. BUT IT WORKS, don’t it? When’s the last time WWE, AEW, hell ANY OF THEM grabbed WORLD WIDE NEWS like that? Let me answer, NEVER!”

There was some truth to the story, Jannetty admits:

There is some truth in the original story, that’s how you add on and it seems all true. I was 13 buying weed from a gay man (and btw, I loves all my gay people, I just don’t float my boat on that side of the river, loves y’all tho’) in his car in front of the bowling alley we both worked at and because a couple other of my teen friends went for the hustle (he’d pay them $40 to bj them) he might have assumed I would too. So in other words, the bag of weed for free. He subtly reach over and touched me down there and I said, “nah nah, let’s get back to work” we got out and went back to work and remained friends. He never touch my d*ck & balls again. So we was good.

Going forward, Jannetty will have to remember the wise words of Hulk Hogan and make sure he doesn’t work himself into shoot, brother.

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