The Dynasty Bros Clash Over Tanning Techniques, MJF Cheated Out Of Destiny

The Dynasty MLW Gino Medina, Alexander Hammerstone Richard Holliday MJF

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The Dynasty Bros Clash Over “’91 Hogan” Tanning Techniques

Fans and talent alike all know that wrestling is a visual business, but no two talents embrace that aspect better than The Dynasty’s Alexander Hammerstone and Richard Holliday, their methods on the other hand, are a different story. A big mountain  to climb for the two, one that is rich with “rarefied air” that a Meat Castle sits upon, is achieving that ever elusive “’91 Hogan” tan. It was Holliday who first revealed his gameplan stating that his “Spray tan appointment booked. We’re going PAST the Hogan 91’.”

His Dynasty brother in Hammerstone however, believes that the only way to reach such sun-kissed heights is by natural and direct means.

“All this time… Richard still hasn’t learned the Hogan ‘91 can’t be achieved by fake ass paint. YOU MUST BURN YOURSELF HALF TO LEATHER UNTIL YOU LOOK LIKE A GAS STATION HOT DOG,” The National Openweight Champion exclaimed to the current holder of Caribbean gold.

What side do you fall upon? Are you a spray-tan supporter or do you think the skin should live the gimmick, brother? Sound off below.

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MJF Cheated Out Of Destiny

Another Dynasty bro-in-arms is none other than AEW’s MJF who after this weekend is all but too familiar with controversial clashes. Maxwell challenged for the AEW World Title this past weekend in what was a blood-battered main event that happened to end in suspect ways. Despite the rules stating otherwise, MJF was Paradigm Shifted out out his shot by Jon Moxley when the referee was distracted by the Dynamite Diamond finding it’s way to the canvas courtesy of Wardlow. Since then, MJF has made several comments to cultivate his distaste at the outcome.

Managing editor Bill Pritchard happened to talk the “abomination” that MJF believes to be The Paradigm Shift in an interview last week, which you can check out below: