Taya Valkyrie Hopeful For Wrestle House 2, Excited For What’s Next On IMPACT Wrestling

Taya Valkyrie is excited for fans to see what happens next with the Wrestle House cast.

Valkyrie recently spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard while promoting her appearance at Lucha VaVoom’s Stay-In VaVoom streaming event and also talked about the experience of shooting the Wrestle House series for IMPACT Wrestling. The longest-reigning Knockouts Champion of all time said it was a really fun opportunity and it was good to get back to work, taking time to praise the team that put the show-within-a-show together.

“I absolutely believe, and every single person that filmed Wrestle House with me would agree that we had so much fun doing this. Empty arena wrestling is great, but it’s only that and so much about professional wrestling is the crowd interaction and the reaction between the noises that are happening and the sounds of the ring, there’s just so many layers to it. It’s just been really rough to not have those fans there and this is just something else to switch it up. Some people love it and some people absolutely hate it but it’s something different. I think that it’s allowed every single member of Wrestle House to have their characters shine through and thrive outside of just wrestling. I just embraced it and went with it, like ‘OK here we go!’ We’re so lucky that we have such a great team of writers and production people,” Valkyrie said. “Jimmy Jacobs really trusts us to understand or do our characters the way that we know they should be. I have so much creative freedom when I do things as Taya, and Rosemary and I’s chemistry is obvious to everybody and it’s been a very fun and different experience. I can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks [about the finale].”

Last week’s episode ended with a proposal but it also seemed it signaled the end of Wrestle House—for now. The cast is back in the IMPACT Zone now, but Taya said it’s hard to say what her next challenge is without spoiling what is coming up. She noted that they filmed a lot of content and she’s really happy with the post-Wrestle House footage and appreciates the creative challenges IMPACT gives her.

“It was crazy because we filmed so much of it in such a short period of time. We were just there to work and all of us had been missing work. So, when it was presented to us and [the parameters were given] we committed to it and that’s what made it fun to do. Everyone behind the scenes and in front of the camera was committed to making this as great as possible. It was great to have people like Tommy Dreamer there and some of the newer talent mixed in with the older talent—it’s just a really fun show,” Valkyrie said. “I’m very excited that everyone’s liked it and hopefully we get to do Wrestle House 2.” [fingers crossed]

Considering we saw a proposal, it was speculated that we might be ready for another wrestling wedding on IMPACT Wrestling. Taya said that’s definitely one possibility out of many and while she didn’t spill any details she did say she’s excited for what the future holds on IMPACT.

“You never know. The amount of possibilities, especially when Rosemary and I talk about our characters and things like that, we always say it’s out of a pick-your-own adventure book. There’s just so many ways that things can play out and I’m excited about [how] Wrestle House ends and what is to come…”

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