Tony Khan: ‘The Best Thing To Do Is Run Outdoor Shows,’ Jon Moxley On High Humidity

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

At an AEW All Out post-show scrum interview, AEW World Champion and Tony Khan both discussed working outdoors in an environment with high humidity.

Moxley was outspoken about the heat and the humidity. “It is hot, all these tapings, this is a shout-out to all the men and women in AEW that are out there busting their a– at Daily’s Place in the summer,” said Moxley. ” It is so hot and so humid. Today was especially humid. I’ve been sweating all day, I’ve sweat through four shirts today, I’m horribly dehydrated right now. Two minutes into that sucker, I was like, oh my god it is hot. It’s like a soul-sucking humidity.”

Khan described the importance of staying hydrated. He also discussed why AEW is doing outdoor shows:

Khan: “We’re allowed to perform indoors, it’s a choice. I think, pushing hydration very hard, there have been a lot of lectures, the doctors strongly push it, I strongly push it, and the coaches and referees strongly push everybody, and we push the referees and coaches and all of us to drink a lot of water, which is why we have literally thousands and thousands of water bottles around here.”

“Any of the shows we do for that matter, we’ve really been pushing it, and the heat and the humidity is, in the summer, typically very high in Jacksonville. But COVID-19 has been, first and foremost, in addition, I mean to be honest with you, I think it’s better to be outdoors and try to manage the heat and utilizing hydration. This is the same environment many, many football teams play in, and teams play outdoors. But further more, outdoors the risk of the spread of the virus is far, far, far lower, and everybody here has been tested but, for safety, I think the best thing to do is run outdoor shows. And we’ve been running outdoor shows for months, and I think it’s the best environment, even though there are some drawbacks, with obviously the climate. Frankly, being outside in the open air is a big positive for what we’re trying to achieve and keep everybody safe and minimize the spread of COVID.”

The full interviews are available below:

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