Orange Cassidy Prevails In Mimosa Match, Chris Jericho Gets Soaked

orange cassidy

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Orange Cassidy and Chris Jericho met in the ring during tonight’s All Out pay-per-view to take part in a Mimosa Mayhem Match. After battling back and forth and nearly losing, Cassidy was able to deal a massive loss to Jericho, sending him flying into a vat of mimosas to claim a big win.

Things ended for Jericho after Cassidy was able to latch his legs onto the rope to avoid a lawn dart from Jericho. Following that, Jericho attempted to climb to the top rope and deliver a Razor’s Edge, but Cassidy quickly delivered two big punches to Jericho, which sent him flying back and into the vat of orange bubbly for the win.

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