After Injury Scare, Matt Hardy Wins Broken Rules Match

Matt Hardy Vanguard 1

Photo Credit: AEW

Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara met at tonight’s All Out in a Broken Rules match, with Hardy having to win or else he’d be forced to leave All Elite Wrestling. After a scary pause in action due to a fall from Hardy, the superstar was able to surprisingly come back, taking down Guevara in the process for the win.

Early in the match, Hardy took a nasty fall through a table, taking a hard bump in the process. After answering the 10 count, Hardy seemed to be actually hurt and was attended to by AEW staff. However, after a delay, Hardy came back, and he and Guevara fought their way up the scaffolding before Hardy knocked Guevara down and through the stage, ending the match in a 10 count.

For more on how the match ended, check out below:

We cut to Jacksonville’s field. In comes Sammy on a golf cart in a spin of irony. They go up a cherry picker and Matt tumbles down through a table. Matt legit looks out and the commentators put such over. Matt answers the 10 count at 8, but he is legit hurt. Aubrey signals for the X several times. Dr. Sampson comes in and the match is over. Scary stuff here. It looks like Sammy wins, but after a lengthy delay, Matt shows back up and the match seems to restart with the bell ringing. They fight on the stage area. Sammy climbs the scaffolding and so does Matt. JR tells the two to not be stupid. They’re about 15 feet in the air. A right hand knocks Sammy through the stage. Aubrey administers the ten count and Matt Hardy wins.

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