Big Swole Uses Novocaine To Beat Britt Baker, Rips Her Diploma

Britt Baker Big Swole Tooth And Nail

Tonight’s All Elite Wrestling pay-per-view, All Out, kicked off with a big match between Big Swole and Britt Baker going at it in a Tooth and Nail match. In a match that saw some brutal moments occur, Big Swole came away with the win after knocking out Baker thanks to some novocaine gas.

During the match, both Swole and Baker fought it out in a makeshift dentist office, and the two superstars went at it right from the start. Highlights from the match saw Swole forcing Baker to stab herself in the leg with a needle, punching her through Baker’s own framed diploma, and Baker nearly putting a power drill through Swole. However, things ended after Swole forced Baker down into the chair, and covered her mouth with a mask that was pushing out novocaine. Eventually, Baker passed out in the chair, forcing the referee to end the match and crown Swole the winner.

For more on how the match ended, check out below:

Britt’s facemask is off and Swole smashes her face off the sink. Britt hits a swinging neckbreaker. Two count. The two trade shots in the hallway. Swole gets a near fall.  Superkick by Britt. Swole is upside down on the chair as Britt has a drill. She accidently drills the dentist chair. She gets handed a syringe which appears to be full of novacaine. Swole turns the tide and stabs Britt in the leg with it. Britt’s leg is out of commission as she hits Dirty Dancing (with another diploma) on Rebel. She then hits Dirty Dancing on Britt and gives her some sleeping gas to put her out of commission.

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