Thunder Rosa Is Coming For ’The Gold & The Glory’ At AEW All Out, Dynamite Match Was ‘Just An Appetizer’ (Exclusive)

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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Thunder Rosa is ready to roll this Saturday as the NWA Women’s World Champion takes aim at AEW Women’s World Champion Hikaru Shida at All Out. The rising star doesn’t just have titles on the to-do list but she also seeks to make a statement on behalf of women’s wrestling.

Thunder Rosa spoke with WrestleZone’s Dominic DeAngelo, coming fresh off her victory against an ever-game Serena Deeb on AEW Dynamite this past Wednesday. Her debut match against Deeb got plenty of TNT ignited for Turner Broadcasting as many fans and talent came away giving the bout some great critical acclaim. Even on commentary, lead announcer Jim Ross had high praise for Rosa and Serena’s ring work.

“I was nervous. Very, very nervous,” Thunder Rosa told DeAngelo about readying herself for her AEW debut. “Why? Because one, there is a level of excellence to uphold when I can step in the ring. Every time I step into the ring, that could be in a regular show or in a B show, but this one in specific was very particular because this is my debut in national TV and international too.”

Thunder Rosa’s performance showed that the proof was in the pudding too. She made note of the big ratings get Dynamite received yesterday as it was the big “go-home” episode before ALL OUT Saturday.

“Thanks to Thunder Rosa, you’re very welcome, AEW. [laughs] I want to say I’m just kidding, but Thunder Rosa feels a little cocky today so I’m gonna let her talk. Yeah, I feel pressure because I wanted to show that you can have a really good match on national TV and I think with the reviews and everything, people were very pleased. Am I pleased with my performance? No, I’m never pleased with my performance. I think I could have done a lot better. There’s a lot of things that I feel like on Saturday that I will show on PPV and that was just an appetizer.”

“What you saw yesterday, is just like I said, it’s just a little bit of what I’m going to bring because everybody is going to see this match in its entirety. There’s no breaks, there’s nothing. They’re going to see me going like a bull, like a dog trying to get this championship.”

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Knowing that she’ll be representing the NWA brand, Thunder Rosa was asked how she felt about having such high stakes with multiple promotions having eyes on her.

“I’m ready. I’m ready,” Thunder Rosa added. “The world’s gonna see something that I don’t think they’ve seen, on AEW of course. I’m gonna bring my all, man.”

Thunder Rosa’s eyes being on that AEW prize has one of wrestling most talked-about stars of the week ready to add another belt to her shoulder and she makes it abundantly clear that Shida will not be standing in her way. She also puts everyone in AEW on major notice as she has more plans than just a title win.

“This is something I feel is going to happen, whether I have to go around her, over her, or my personal favorite, man, through her! I’m coming for the gold and the glory. And honestly, everybody at AEW, if you don’t think I am the queen of professional wrestling, then come and try me, because I am freaking ready, There ya go.”

Thunder Rosa is well aware of Shida’s skills, but with the stakes being so high she fully believes she has nothing to lose.

“Anytime somebody has her or me in the ring, we can do anything, you know? The stakes are really high for both of us, but I think it’s more for her than for me. I’m the new kid on the block.”

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