Eva Marie Thinks She Has ‘Unfinished Business’ In WWE

All Red Everything only briefly graced the world of WWE, but the former Total Divas star left an indelible impression. From her memorable introduction gimmick to her status as one of the most hated individuals in Full Sail history, Eva Marie always kept people’s attention when she was on screen.

According to a recent chat with Reel Talker’s Jim Alexander, Eva thinks that her time in WWE has molded her as a performer, and she has good reason to return to the squared circle when the time is right.

Being in WWE, no matter who you are, those superstars are freakin’ studs…it has definitely shaped me, molded me into the performer, and has embedded this insane nasty work ethic that you have to have if you are inside that company or else you will not make it. I’m just so thankful to that company.

I feel like I have some unfinished business…[if] Vince, Hunter, or Steph make the call and says ‘Yo, it’s time,’ then [I’m] packing up my bags and it’s time.

While Eva was never the most talented when it came to technical skills, her unique character and undeniable aura would likely help her succeed in today’s WWE just as well as she did in the past.

This most stylish, elegant, bewitching, eternally beguiling, continuously charismatic, and fantastically fascinating interview with Eva Marie can be enjoyed in the embedded video below:

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Thanks to our friends at Cageside Seats for the above interview transcription!