Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Elite Bret Hart & Goldberg 2-Pack In-Depth Review (Photos)

Welcome to another installment of Collector’s Corner where we take a look at none other than the Mattel WWE Elite Bret Hart & Goldberg 2-pack!

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

The Packaging

The packaging on this set is awesome in my opinion as it has a very WCW Monday Nitro feel. The perforated metal, fireworks/flames and the whole nine yards really make this pop. You can see Bret on the left and Goldberg on the right. I didn’t notice my Bret was unfortunately missing an elbow pad but I thankfully was able to replace that easily. Bret is sporting the United States championship as well as comes with some sunglasses, a metal plate for around his waist, a WCW Monday Nitro shirt and extra hands. Goldberg, on the right, comes with a interchangeable head and extra glove hands. The sides of the box features images of each wrestler while the back features images and statistics as well as info about the match/moment it’s based on.


Goldberg’s latest figure is nice, especially if you missed out on his more recent figures. This one is practically a combination of the two. He has his screaming head as well as his serious head, which each comes on both of his previous figures before this one. He features the hair on his chest, his famous shoulder tattoo as well as his black gloves with wristbands to make his gloves look authentic. He also features black elbow pads and knee pads followed by his short black boots. Goldberg’s extra hands are slightly opened wider than the ones he comes with attached. Unfortunately Mattel hasn’t made gloved fists yet but hopefully they will in the future as the slight opening is kind of odd when he already has open hands. Overall, Goldberg is decent if you’re a fan and want some interchangeable heads and hands for him.

Bret Hart

Bret features the smirking scan from his Ultimate Edition figure that came out not long ago. This one features the bangs in his face, which a lot of people are annoyed with. Some people happened to receive the serious scan with the bangs in his face, which may be a factory error or a potential running change. I haven’t heard anything on a running change for it though. Regardless, he is wearing his salmon-like colored attire, which also has many collectors confused as he had a more hot pink attire during this feud with Goldberg. Besides the color the detail on him is nice with the graphics all over his attire. He comes with thin elbow pads as well as knee pads and extra open hands as well as sunglasses. Overall, besides the color being in question the figure itself is nice. I like how detailed it is. The sunglasses hold well under his long hair, too, which is nice.

The Accessories

The accessories I haven’t touched on yet are the WCW United States Championship title, the Monday Nitro t-shirt and the metal plate. There seems to be a bit of confusion with these accessories for many reasons. The United States Championship supposedly had 2-plates at this time in WCW rather than the 4-plates seen on the belt here. The belt is super detailed and looks nice, but the plates aren’t accurate to the match.

The t-shirt confused a lot of collectors as well as Bret wore a hockey jersey at this time, which he wore the metal plate accessory under it when Goldberg speared him. Since Mattel more than likely didn’t have the rights to the jersey they made a random Nitro shirt, which looks good, but sadly doesn’t make much sense. Bret also was in street clothes, but you could always use the older WWE Elite of Bret in street clothes for this moment. The plate though is a nice accessory that fastens on the back much like the belts do with the sizeable notches. You can easily hide it under the shirt as seen in the gallery below.


Overall, I love the packaging a lot. It really captures WCW and also pops as a whole from it’s detail and vibrancy. It will look great displayed. The figures are pretty good, Goldberg being great and Bret unfortunately in question. While Bret still looks pretty nice, the colors and outfit as a whole don’t make much sense. The belt discrepancy isn’t a huge deal to me but I can understand why it bothers others. And the random t-shirt throws it off but is still a cool accessory you can put in your crowd or something. If you were a WCW fan I’d recommend this set as it’s the only way to get the WCW United States Championship, too. Definitely don’t sleep on this one as I think you’d regret it later on, it’s issues and all.

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