MJF: Mark Sterling Will Leave Dynamite Smelling Like Roses, Jon Moxley Will Smell Like Dog Shit


Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

MJF is not only confident in his own abilities, but he’s confident in Mark Sterling’s chances against Jon Moxley on AEW Dynamite this week.

MJF recently spoke with Wrestlezone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard and discussed his match with Moxley at AEW Out and previewed Sterling’s match against the current AEW World Champion on tonight’s show. Sterling’s match came as a result of a legal blunder, but MJF says he’s not worried about anything because he’s training Sterling for the match himself. He says sure, he’s worried about his lawyer—but only because he’s going to be a huge star at the end of the night.

“It’s an unfortunately necessary evil, William, because once again, ‘Dictator Jon’ decided to use his ridiculous antics in association with his propaganda to make me—not just me—but my lawyer look bad. But here’s what’s actually gonna happen; Mark Sterling’s gonna be the one coming out of there smelling like roses, and Jon Moxley’s gonna be smelling like dog shit, and here’s why. As I stated previously in the contract signing, Jonathan Moxley, hell of a great brawler, but he’s no wrestler, Willie, he’s never been a wrestler, okay?

“I have been training Mark since the announcement of this match, and I am telling you, within the week’s time that I’ve been training Mark Sterling, he’s already a better in-ring technician than Jon is. He’s already a better in-ring technician than most of the wrestlers are because he’s being trained by one of the fastest and youngest rising stars in the history of professional wrestling. That being said, am I a little bit worried for Mark. I’m so worried for him because the amount of fame and popularity and money he’s about to make after he beats the world champion, prior to my pay-per-view match against him, will be absolutely awe-inspiring and ridiculous. I don’t know if he’ll be able to handle the celebrity.”

Our full interview with MJF will be released on Friday; he challenges Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship at All Out on pay-per-view this Saturday.

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