IMPACT Wrestling Results (9/1/20)

IMPACT Wrestling Results

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IMPACT Wrestling

September 1, 2020

Commentators: Josh Matthews & Madison Rayne


Sami Callihan vs. Rob Van Dam (with Katie Forbes)

As RVD takes a moment to relish his entry into the ring with Katie Forbes (mid-twerk) Sami hammers him to the outside. Callihan feeds him into guardrail after guardrail as Forbes steps in the way and begins twerking in front of Sami. Sami shoves her but Rob captilizes. RVD gets him back in the ring and takes another moment to share with Katie so Sami makes him pay with a suplex.

Hard palm strikes by Sami, but Forbes gets involved again on the outside. She does it again too and Rob kicks him down on the outside. RVD sends him into the ring post before hanging him out to dry on the guardrail and does his patented spinning leg drop off the apron. Hard thigh kicks by Rob as he sends him backk into the ring. Mahattan drop by Rob and face plants Sami down. Rolling thunder attempt, but takes too much time and Sami gets his knees up. He eventually hits a low cutter on Rob before laying him out with two crisp lariats.

Callihan sets him up for a bomb, but Forbes once more gets on the apron and Rob takes advantage. Split legged moonsault. Just a two count. Spinning leg drop by Rob. Just like last week, a slow attempt at a Five Star trips Rob up and Sami hits a hangman cutter from the turnbuckle. RVD kicks out at two.

Sami goes for a piledriver but Katie AGAIN slides in to thwart things. RVD soon tries to roll Sami up but Sami reverses the pin attempt in his favor for the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Sami Callihan

Post-match Katie taunts Sami, and he heads her way, but RVD attacks and rolls him back into the ring. He chokes Sami in the corner. He continues the effect with a chair. Katie charges and rear-end busters him in the corner before she does it again with a steel chair. RVD follows up with a dropkick in the corner too as Forbes holds up a chair for him. They make out to celebrate.

We see Hernandez winning an arm wrestling match against Fallah Bahh. Bahh loses and pays up. As Hernandez counts the cash, in come Reno Scum who have a match against Rhino tonight. The say no Heath is in the building tonight. They say if they take out Rhino they want to be paid big. Hernandez agrees on that.

WrestleHouse Segment

John E. Bravo kept the truth from Taya as she and Rosemary were just getting on the same page. They betrayed her, says Taya. They were supposed to be in WrestleHouse as long as it takes, but now Taya says they’re not leaving until she says they are.

Johnny Swinger lost the blindfold match last week and now Crazzy Steve got dress him up. Swinger won’t come out however. Kylie asks have they tried being nice? They all lay it on thick to try to get him out. Swinger finally obliges dressed in clown make up. He says Matt Bourne’s even judging him right now.

Tommy Dreamer pulls Bravo aside and tells him that he’s going to be the special guest ref between Taya and Rosemary.


Reno Scum vs. Rhino

The match starts right off on the entryway as he slugs it out with both members. Rhino gets them both in the ring but the two double team him with a slick foot stomp on his back. Hard shots by Luster as we cut to break.

We return to see Adam and Luster hammering away at Rhino. Dropkick and standing moonsault by Thornstowe but Rhino kicks out.

Standing headbutt by Luster. Two count again. Rhino fights back, but Luster hits jawbreaker to down the Man Beast. Rhino soon finds his rythym as he knocks Luster to the outside. He sizes up Thornstowe for a Gore, but Luster drags him out. Rhino nails a Gore on him instead. Meanwhile Thornstowe slides off his studded belt as he’s ready for Rhino to get back in, but an IMPACT crew member comes into the right and catches Thornstowe with a Wake Up Call. It’s clearly Heath. Rhino covers and gets the win


Post-match Heath reveals himself. He and Rhino embrace before Scott D’Amore breaks it all up.

We cut to EC3 who has a message for Moose. He’s going to allow him to have an allotted time to claim what he believes is his: The TNA Championship. If Moose doesn’t make the attempt, he will send him the belt piece by piece. Moose runs off and tells an individual to call the police because EC3 has his belt. The man says EC3 is on the other side of the building. Moose runs off as he reveals to be wearing a “Control Your Narrative” shirt.

The Good Brothers are backstage with crew members and he’s telling a story of The OC in New Orleans of how Doc fell asleep in a loud bar. In come The Rascalz. They have Ace & Fulton tonight. Doc and Karl offer their help, but Rascalz plan to handle business.

Back to WrestleHouse. John E. is dressed in zebra stripes. Swinger tries dolling out advice to him but Deaner and Jake Something tell him to not listen to the guy in clown makeup. Swinger leaves. Larry comes in the fold in a bad mood. Deaner and Jake accuse him of taking their beer. Larry and Ace say they have “No Truce” and the two begin fighting. Dreamer watches on as he casually says “match time.” The four brawl it out. Ace bodyslams Deaner on the couch who pokes him in the eye. Soon, the two are shown playing ping pong. Larry and Something are brawling. Something ducks in front of a mounted duck and Larry punches the wall. Ace hits the ping pong ball into Deaner’s mouth as the four of them duke it out by the ping pong table. Romero tries taking Deaner out in a trash cart. Deaner escapes and goes to punch Acey, but the elevator door closes as he heads down. Deaner runs down the steps to catch him and does so. He punches him before hopping on a tricycle. Deaner bikes off screen and crashes into a car. Jake Something beats down Larry as he full on sprints his way towards Larry and Acey. Acey has plenty of time to move Deaner out of the way. Larry gets the upperhand and throws Deaner into the bedroom. Deaner looks under the bed and sees an empty beer bottle. That fires Deaner up and he DDTs Larry down. Acey asks him if he’s okay and up pops Larry not as himself but “Lawrence D.” He sprays Acey with Ring Rust cologne and Romero passes out.

In comes Susie and she flips out. We see her exiting the room as Dreamer comes looking for the match he’s supposed to be reffing. He opens up the door shocked and decides that Susie is the winner. We see that her left hand is covered in blood. Tommy quickly flees the scene with the excuse he has “the runs.”