Virgil On Working With Ted DiBiase, Not Being Included In The nWo’s Hall of Fame Induction


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Virgil recently spoke with Lee Walker of Sportskeeda Wrestling. During the interview, he reflected on his career, including his work with Ted DiBiase. Here are some highlights:

On whether he and Ted DiBiase threw real money at the crowd:

Virgil: “That was 100% real money, man. I had to go to Vince McMahon to get $20,000 in [one] hundred dollar bills to throw out to the people. I really had to get it from Gorilla Monsoon and we handed the bills out to all the people.”

On working with top stars right away:

Virgil: “I mean, it was great, man, it was beautiful. You know what I mean? When I came in, I had to learn and I had to pick up quick. The best way to pick up, you’re working with the best guys in the business. That’s a great way to pick up.”

On not being included in the nWo’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame:

Virgil: “I guess, I mean I don’t know, maybe the next induction, maybe wait until a down year, okay, where they want to bring in the other part of the original nWo, okay, because I got the original picture [of the group] right here.”

The full video is available here:

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