Roman Reigns Becomes A Paul Heyman Guy, Demands Contract Changes

roman reigns

Photo Credit: WWE

In a stunning twist to close tonight’s Friday Night SmackDown, Roman Reigns was revealed to now be working with Paul Heyman ahead of his WWE Universal Championship match at Payback.

Throughout tonight’s entire episode of Friday Night SmackDown, Adam Pearce was tasked with tracking down The Fiend, Braun Strowman, and Reigns in order to get their signatures for the upcoming WWE Universal Championship match at Payback. After finding both Bray Wyatt and Strowman earlier in the night, Pearce finally got Reigns to sit down and look at the contract.

However, by the end of the episode, Reigns didn’t sign the contract but did say that he would be at Payback, where he’d win the match and take back his Universal Championship. “I will be at Payback on Sunday. That is a promise. I will be in the triple threat match, wreck everyone and leave. That is a guarantee. I will win back my WWE Universal Championship that I never lost in the first place. That is not just a prediction, that’s a spoiler,” he said, before the camera panned to reveal none other than Paul Heyman sitting next to Reigns, who simply told Pearce to believe that.

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