Tommy Dreamer Explains Why Cyndi Lauper Should Be In WWE Hall Of Fame

IMPACT Tommy Dreamer

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Cyndi Lauper played a huge part of the Rock ‘n’ Wrestling boom of the 80s that took professional wrestling’s popularity to a new level. She mandaged Wendi Richter at several events leading up to the original WrestleMania and appeared on the monumental show. Despite this, Lauper isn’t in the WWE Hall of Fame and SiriusXM Busted Open co-host Tommy Dreamer wants to see that change.

“It all did start with Cyndi Lauper and what it did for women’s wrestling back then, it was almost like a novelty and it was really brought to the forefront by Cyndi Lauper and Moolah,” Dreamer explained. “It was because of Cyndi Lauper’s involvement and then they literally switched it and got Mr. T involved. They had Danny DeVito in the audience, all these celebrities … It was a perfect storm of celebrity wrestlers and they literally became the focal points of everything. I remember Hulk Hogan walking to the ring and Cyndi was being her over-the-top character and they were pumping him up to the ring. It was great.”

Dreamer was astonished that there are no women in the celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of Fame and even broke into song to illustrate his point. “I ask my mother is this really true, but girls just wanna be in the Hall of Fame,” Dreamer sung to the tune of “Girls Just Want To Have Fun.”

Check out Dreamer’s incredible falsetto below:

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