’80s Wrestling Con Announces Virtual Signing Livestream Events With Tito Santana, Sgt. Slaughter & Demolition

‘80s Wrestling Con will be bringing its ‘80s WRESTLING VIRTUAL SIGNING SERIES exclusively to WrestleZone beginning next month!

A virtual signing is a way to get a personalized autographed photo or get your own items signed by Superstars without physically being live at an event to do so. You will have the opportunity to watch the Superstars sign your photo or items LIVE on our website and also get a shout out from them!

The first ‘80s Wrestling Virtual Signing will air live on our website and our Facebook page on Monday, September 14th from 7-10 pm ET with WWE Hall of Famer TITO SANTANA. There will be an ‘80s Wrestling Trivia Contest with prize giveaways during the broadcast. There will also be the 80’s Wrestling Name Game, where we will throw a ton of ‘80s Wrestling Names at Tito and he has to describe them in one or a few words! More fun things are being planned as well.

Personalized Autographed 8X10 Photos of Tito Santana for this Virtual Signing will be $20 each. There’s (7) different photos to choose from and you can also choose the color marker you’d like (email below to see what photos are available). You can also send in your own items for Tito to sign, including programs, magazines, figures, shirts, championship belts, etc.

For further information on ordering photos or to send your items in to be signed, please email: [email protected]

Tito Santana will also have his book, Tito Santana: Don’t Call Me Chicoavailable during the virtual event to sign personally to you.

‘80s Wrestling Virtual Signing Series will feature former WWF World Champion SGT. SLAUGHTER on Monday, October 19th and Former WWF World Tag Team Champions DEMOLITION on Monday, November 16th right here on WrestleZone.

Due to the current pandemic and not being able to go to signings in-person, ‘80s Wrestling Con and WrestleZone will bring the signings to you!

For all info on these events and to join the mailing list for upcoming events contact [email protected]