Booker T Sees A Potential ‘Heir Apparent’ In Keith Lee, Compares Him To 2 Cold Scorpio

Keith Lee Booker T

Credit: WWE

Booker T saw big things from Keith Lee even before his time in NXT and sees even bigger things to come from WWE’s newest main roster star.

On the most recent episode of The Hall of Fame, Booker agrees with co-host Brad Gilmore that Keith Lee has been on his radar for quite some time.

“I knew Keith Lee was definitely a guy that was gonna make it to the next level if he just stayed hungry cause that’s the one thing that the business can definitely run you to the point where you just lose your drive and your hunger and then a lot of times, it’s like a basketball game the clock just run out.”

Booker told Gilmore he appreciates the hard work and effort Lee has put in to make it to that next level. He said he happened to see something in the big man when he worked a show against a top ROW prospect and current MLW star, Gino Medina.

“There again, I saw something in Keith Lee from the beginning I made a statement about Keith Lee. I said a lot of people are going to look at Keith Lee and say, ‘Man, he moves like a cruiserweight’ and I go, ‘Nah, Keith Lee is just a big guy that can move.’ That’s the difference between Keith Lee and being a guy that’s his size and a lot of guys being that size and trying to really play like they can do those moves. Keith Lee is light on his feet for a big guy. Someone like 2 Cold Scorpio back in the day. 2 Cold Scorpio was 250 lbs, but when he did a triple gainer and landed on you it felt like a feather.”

“Keith Lee, he falls under that same umbrella. He’s a big guy that can go out and perform and work with anybody and case in point, being able to be the size that he is and go out and work with the guy that is the size of Adam Cole and really make it an interesting match.”

Before Booker closed it out, he made it a point to give a fine tip of the crown to the man who is Limitless.

“I’ve been waiting on the heir apparent to Booker T. The guy that’s gonna pick up where I left off and start winning all the titles. All of them. Just like I did (laughs) and that man might be Keith Lee, man, seriously. That man might be Keith Lee.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

Check out Booker’s thoughts in video form below:

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