IMPACT Wrestling Emergence Night Two Results (8/25/20)

IMPACT Wrestling Emergence Night Two Results

August 25

Report By Lovell Porter for

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IMPACT World Championship Match: Eddie Edwards (c ) vs. Rob Van Dam w/Katie Forbes

Edwards and RVD trade headlocks. Edwards hits an inverted atomic drop followed by a belly-to-belly suplex. RVD rolls out of the ring. Edwards misses a baseball slide. RVD sends Edwards into the apron. RVD rolls Edwards back in the ring. RVD stops to give Katie a kiss. Edwards surprises RVD with a suicide dive. Katie gets in Edwards’ face. RVD pushes Edwards into the ring post. RVD drapes Edwards on the guardrail. 

RVD lands a leg drop off the apron. RVD leads Edwards back into the ring. RVD continues his assault. RVD runs right into a blue thunder bomb. RVD and Edwards trade strikes. Edwards lands the Tiger Driver ‘98. RVD kicks out. RVD crotches Edwards on the top rope. RVD blasts Edwards with a diving kick off the top rope. Rolling Thunder by RVD. RVD hops up to the top rope. RVD misses the Five Star Frog Splash. Edwards immediately hits the Boston Knee Party for the win. 

Winner and STILL IMPACT World Champion, Eddie Edwards!

After the match, Eric Young runs down to the ring and attacks Edwards from behind. Young yells that Edwards is going to have to deal with him next week. 

Wrestle House

The Deaners note that Taya Valkyrie organized a house bounding exercise that they can actually get into; a toga party. Meanwhile, Johnny Swinger berates Crazzy Steve for wearing a plain toga. Swinger is rocking a leopard printed masterpiece of a toga. After the break, everyone is partying. In the confessional room, Valkyrie is drunk. Valkyrie throws up while talking to Kylie Rae. Acey Romero asks the Deaners for a truce. They agree as long as Romero promises not to drink their beer. Swinger plays “a Fuji” and throws powder in Crazzy Steve’s eyes (he meant to his Larry D). Dreamer makes a match. Steve wants it to be a blindfold match. The loseer has to dress like the winner next week. 

Blindfold Match: Crazzy Steve vs. Johnny Swinger

Steve blows his clown horn to confuse Swinger. Steve rolls up Swinger for the win. 

Winner- Crazzy Steve

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