Rey Mysterio Is Prepared For Some ‘Payback’ After WWE SummerSlam

Photo credit: FAYEZ NURELDINE/AFP/Getty Images

Rey Mysterio may have had the best seat in the house to see his son Dominik be defeated by Seth Rollins in last night’s street fight at SummerSlam, but the legend could very well be seeking “payback” with his baby boy.

It was Rey and his wife who watched in anguish as Rollins curb-stomped Dominik right after it appeared the young upstart was going to get the upset victory against the seasoned vet. Mysterio was rendered helpless as he was handcuffed to the ring ropes, plus the legendary lucha did all he could to adhere to his son’s request at remaining a non-factor (there were a few exceptions). Mysterio took to social media to congratulate Dominik on a hard-fought performance in his debut bout against Monday Night’s self-proclaimed “messiah.”

“Son…… I hope you understand the amount of pride & joy I felt watching you take your first steps in the ring last night. You blew my mind away with your performance, Sky’s the limit, Now let’s get some #Payback!!” Mysterio wrote.

With a hashtag like that, one would logically think that Rey and Dominik could be setting to square up against Rollins and his disciple Murphy as soon as this Sunday. Murphy himself wasn’t against getting low down and dirty during the match yesterday as he tried to give Dominik a horrific “eye exam” off the steel steps before Rey put a stop to that.

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