The Street Profits Defeat Angel Garza And Andrade, Retain RAW Tag Team Titles At WWE SummerSlam

Street Profits Montez Ford Angelo Dawkins

Photo Credit: WWE

At WWE SummerSlam, the Street Profits defended the WWE RAW Tag Team Championship against Angel Garza and Andrade. The rivalry between these two teams became personal when Zelina Vega poisoned Montez Ford on WWE RAW. Kevin Owens joined the broadcast team for this match. Ford immediately took the fight to Andrade and showcased his impressive athleticism.

A hurricanrana off the second rope and a clothesline to the outside briefly gave the champions control of the match. The challengers caught Ford when he dove over the ropes, and they slammed him onto the floor. Andrade grounded Ford and double-teamed him with Garza. The challengers continued to isolate Ford, and a diving stomp from Andrade earned him a two count. Ford rallied and tagged Angelo Dawkins, who cleared house. Andrade rocked Dawkins with a rolling elbow, but a Spear from Dawkins left both men down. Garza superkicked Ford, who accidentally knocked Vega off the apron. Andrade checked on Vega, so he wasn’t there when Garza needed to tag him. The champions then pinned Garza with the Cash Out to win the match.

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