Shelton Benjamin And Bobby Lashley On Apollo Crews, Retribution, And More

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Shelton Benjamin and Bobby Lashley appeared on the WWE SummerSlam Preview edition of WWE’s The Bump. During an interview, Benjamin and Lashley discussed the Hurt Business, Apollo Crews, and Retribution. Here are some highlights:

On MVP’s United States Championship Match with Apollo Crews:

Benjamin: “You have to be kidding me if you really think that MVP is not going to beat Apollo within an inch of his life tonight. This is what we do, this is why we’re called the Hurt Business. I like to think of it as youthful ignorance, that’s what’s going on right now if you actually think that Apollo stands a chance against the crafty, the veteran, the genius that is MVP.

“Today’s a big day for MVP. He has a chance to regain the US championship, alright, so he’s got no time for interviews, it’s about business. It’s game day.”

“MVP is more than capable of dispatching Apollo on his own, you know. If we’re there, the only reason we would even be there is for moral support. MVP doesn’t need our help to beat Apollo, and that’s what most of you people, and apparently, some people, you know, that work for The Bump, don’t realize.”

On the Hurt Business’ quest for championship gold:

Lashley: “It’s extremely important (for MVP to win at WWE SummerSlam.) I believe the Hurt Business is what’s needed around here. I mean, you can’t have a good guy without a quality bad guy, and that’s what the Hurt Business is about. We’re bring some old-school back to these new-school kids and beating them up, and I think this kind of legitimizes us. We pose a threat to everyone. If you think about it, Apollo’s just the first one. We pose a threat to Drew, we pose a threat to the tag team divisions, and we pose a threat to anyone, including Brock.”

“This is just a notch for us, we’re gonna take this title and we’re gonna go on to many, many more.”

On MVP’s accusation that Apollo Crews is behind Retribution:

Lashley: “I think he has a point there because there’s no other reason why Apollo should be so confident coming into this, and we’ve all beat him up. I beat him up, Shelton beat him up, and MVP’s beat him up. For him to come out here so confident every week, I’m like, where’s he getting this confidence from? Does he have some kind of rabbit in his hat, something up his sleeve? There’s gotta be something, so possibly this little Retribution might have his back. And if the Retribution has his back, the Retribution can get beat up the same way Apollo will be.”

The full video is available here:

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