New Surveillance Footage Released Of Sonya Deville’s Attempted Kidnapping

Sonya Deville

Photo Credit: WWE

The story continues to develop when it comes to Sonya Deville and the attempted kidnapping of her last week. Courtesy of FOX 13 in Tampa, a new video released shows Sonya detailing the terrifying experience she endured.

Sonya said, “I saw a man standing there and he had black clothes on with a black mask. He was just standing there staring at me. I was messing with the lock and saw him. I was terrified and started screaming. I think I said something like ‘What the f*** do you want?'” Sonya has filed for a restraining order against him if he were to get released on bond, but that looks unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Thomas was denied bail by Judge Catherine Catlin who labeled Thomas as a “threat to the community” and said, “I don’t see any way we can protect our community in Hillsborough County if we give him bail. A GPS on him gives me no peace of mind. A GPS monitor does nothing for me.” Keep in mind that Thomas actually drove himself from South Carolina the entire way to her house in order to attempt the kidnapping, which included a death threat against Mandy Rose.

Some of the most chilling messages sent by Thomas said things such as “Mark my words, I’m going to SummerSlam with you as your boyfriend” and “I’m going to force you to do what I want.”

In the video through this link, you can see parts of the attempted kidnapping, as Sonya checks the door before running away as she is chased by Thomas. Sonya is scheduled to wrestle Mandy Rose in a loser leaves WWE No DQ match tonight at SummerSlam, where it is speculated that Sonya wants to take some time away from WWE after the incident last week.

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