TJP On How The IMPACT Locker Room Has Evolved, Thoughts On New Superstars


Photo Credit: TJ Perkins

TJP recently sat down with Instinct Culture to discuss the current buzz surrounding IMPACT Wrestling, the newest additions to the roster and more. Take a look at the highlights of the conversation below.

On how the locker room has evolved from the early TNA days:

When I left WWE last year, I had a lot of opportunities to go to a lot of different places. I really wanted to go back to Japan and Mexico, that was my primary goal when I was getting out. And IMPACT Wrestling, through Scott D’Amore reached out to me and a lot of the boxes were checked off. I mean they knew exactly what they wanted to do with the guys that they were reaching out to. I like that, you’re not flying blind and you know there’s intent involved and there’s mutual investment that they want to make with everybody they’re working with and their roster is incredible. I think that’s something that’s been understated until probably only recently.People are starting to realize how good this roster is. From top to bottom it’s so balanced and I’ve been in IMPACT Wrestling,TNA wrestling before, from year one until now, every generation of it, and I’ve never been in this locker room when it was as balanced as this.

His thoughts on the newest IMPACT additions:

Selfishly I am pretty happy, because the guys coming in are people I have been friends with for a while…Anderson and Gallows, I’ve known them for so long, and I’ll probably be seeing them in Japan as well which is nice. Heath is another guy that I think is excellent and has so much potential that has completely been untapped and an amazing attitude, for like being a team player and making things work that people don’t realize. There’s a lot of guys coming over, I was pleasantly surprised by Deonna Purrazzo. I really enjoyed that she came in with that type of style and is able to do that type of stuff because I feel there aren’t a lot of women’s technicians, that are pure technicians in that way. And I always thought it was really unique that we had one of the few really great women’s powerhouses in the company in Jordynne Grace, so now for Deonna to come in and to continue broadening the style, which we already had a really good women’s division, I really enjoy watching Deonna work for that reason.

You can see the full interview below.

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