WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (8/21/20)

Friday Night Smackdown ResultsWWE Friday Night SmackDown Results

August 21, 2020

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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In-Ring Segment: Vince McMahon

McMahon welcomes everyone to WWE Thunderdome. McMahon says this Sunday at SummerSlam we will never see it coming. The Fiend’s music hits as the 1000+ fans on the video screens look on. The Fiend slowly makes his way to the ring. McMahon doesn’t look phased, so far. The Fiend goes face-to-face with McMahon. Braun Strowman interrupts. McMahon quickly leaves the ring as Strowman enters. Strowman and The Fiend stare each other down. Retribution surrounds the ring. The group’s size seems to have doubled. The Fiend and Strowman laugh. The Fiend waves goodbye to Strowman. The lights drop and come right back on. The Fiend is gone. Retribution attacks Strowman. They eventually get Strowman down. Big E. leads the locker room as the race down to the ring. A huge brawl breaks out. A second group of superstars from the locker room lead by King Corbin join the fight. The WWE Superstars clear the ring. The Miz eventually runs down after the fighting is finished. Drew Gulak helps Strowman to his feet. Strowman attacks Gulak and Uso. Strowman storms off.

Big E. vs. Sheamus

Big E. and Sheamus crash into each other. The WWE Roster has surrounds the ring to guard against another Retribution attack. Sheamus clubs Big E. Big E. clotheslines Sheamus over the top rope. Sheamus rests on the ring steps. Big E. shoulder tackler Sheamus into the steps. Big E. lays Sheamus on the apron. Big E. pounds on Sheamus’ chest. Big E. splashes Sheamus on the apron.  Sheamus responds with a flying knee off the top. Ten beats of the bodhran by Sheamus. Big E. tries to fire up but Sheamus cuts him off with an Irish curse backbreaker. Big E. kicks out. The lights flicker as everyone braces for another potential Retribution attack. After the break, Sheamus walks into a uranage by Big E. Sheamus kicks out. Sheamus gets a knee up as Big E. attempts his apron spear. Big E. almost hits the Big Ending but Sheamus escapes and lands white noise. Sheamus calls for the Brogue Kick. Corbin attacks Matt Riddle outside the ring. The other superstars try to break it up. Sheamus gets distracted. Big E. rolls up Sheamus for the win.

Winner- Big E.

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