Bruce Prichard’s Role Backstage Revealed, Who’s Really Running WWE Creative?

bruce prichard

Photo Credit: Title Match Wrestling

Despite reports the contrary, it seems that Bruce Prichard is not the man in charge of creative, but he does have a key role in the proceedings backstage. This week’s edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has a more detailed take on where the split is and who’s the creative lead.

Regarding the current creative situation, Bruce Prichard’s role isn’t really driving creative. Ed Koskey drives creative. Prichard oversees the team, implements and executes Vince McMahon’s orders and makes sure other departments are notified about plans so merchandising and network partners and promotional people are in the loop. Such as ideas like this is the date a guy is returning and we need new merchandise for him ready. He also deals with USA and FOX, although Kevin Dunn has stepped in a lot on that and Nick Khan may end up doing that as well.

To summarize, Prichard is basically acting as a liaison between Vince McMahon and creative, and it seems that he’s serving the same role with media companies to a certain extent. Koskey has been with WWE since March 2001, working his way up from the role of production assistant to his current title as Vice President of Creative Writing.

It seems like a smart setup, especially considering how much Bruce and Vince have worked together in the past. Perhaps Prichard can act as a filter for The Chairman and keep the creative process on track. With WWE heading into the ThunderDome with a renewed energy this week, now would be the time to do it.

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