Crowbar Goes After David Arquette & Death Match ‘Rag-Tags & Criminals’ In Latest Promo


Crowbar has consistently been putting out new vignettes each and every week and his latest one gets down and dirty in the “garbage.”

For the most part Crowbar’s crossbow of cutting remarks have mostly been targeted at AEW, their stars and “demographic,” but the former WCW star ventured down the death match road as he spoke ill towards that particular genre of pro wrestling.

“With the birth of extreme, wrestling artistically changed forever. Sadly, what followed was the disgusting afterbirth. The ‘garbage wrassler’ – unartistic, unskilled, carny rag-tags and criminals who appeal not to the demographic, but to the bottom-feeding ilk in the bowels of the demographic. Apparently, David Arquette mingles in these circles now. This industry’s form of Darwinism I presume, I do not ‘wrassle’ in dive bars or outdoor fields. I refuse to lower myself to fight with light tubes, barbed wire or cinder blocks for the art that I create is a timeless symphony of efficient eloquent violence.”

You can take a look at his full promo below:

Crowbar recently spoke on the topic of his preference of wrestling style in a recent interview with WrestleZone’s Dominic DeAngelo, stating that he does prefer a more classic approach rather than the hardcore version he was known for in WCW. You can check out that full-length chat below:

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