Motor City Machine Guns Retain Tag Titles Against The North

Alex Shelley

Photo Credit: Ring of Honor

The first night of IMPACT Wrestling’s Emergence event ended with a big match, as the Motor City Machine Guns took on The North for the IMPACT Tag Team Championships.

In a fight between two of the biggest and best tag teams in  IMPACT Wrestling, it was The Motor City Machine Guns who were able to come out on top, retaining their belt in dramatic fashion. Things ended after a series of rollups ended with nothing happening, but gave The Motor City Machine Guns the chance to land their combo neckbreaker/splash on The North for the win. Now, the duo will aim to continue holding onto their title, as The North figures out a way to try and get their belts back.

For more information on how the match ended, check out below:

Page and Alexander take turns working over Shelley. Shelley manages to tag in Sabin. Sabin clears the ring. Shelley holds the ropes open as Sabin dives through, taking out Alexander. Sabin assists Shelley as he hits the Sliced Bread #2 on both Alexander and Page. Everyone trade strikes. Page and Alexander hit the double Styles Clash. Sabin kicks out. The North set up their finish. Sabin reverses into a roll up. Alexander pushes the pile, putting Page on top. Sabin kicks out. The MCMG hit their combo neckbreaker/splash for the win.

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