Nothing Can Stop The Street Profits, Mickie James Frustrated After Loss In Return

Street Profits Montez Ford Angelo Dawkins

Photo Credit: WWE

Nothing Can Stop The Street Profits

This week on WWE RAW, the Street Profits earned som revenge when Zelina Vega was revealed as the guilty party in Montez Ford’s poisoning. In a WWE Network Exlusive, the WWE RAW Tag Team Champions discussed their momentum heading into WWE SummerSlam.”You don’t poison Montez Ford,” said Ford. “You poisoned Bianca Belair, you also poisoned Angelo Dawkins. You poisoned families, so yes it is personal, it is personal.”

“SummerSlam is personal,” said Ford.”This is our very first SummerSlam.”

Mickie James Frustrated After Loss In Return

Mickie James returned to the ring on WWE RAW this week, but she lost to Natalya via countout. In a WWE Network Exclusive, James reflected on the loss. “I feel awful and not because I’m hurt, I feel better than ever, you know, I’ve been off for a year and a half, off of WWE television, I’ve been away, I’ve been at home, I’ve been rehabbing, I’ve been working my butt off to get back,” said James. “I come back and I come back with these goals, to reclaim, you know, who I am in this business and really build my legacy. And the first person I run into is someone who I considered a sister, someone who I considered a locker room leader, a fellow veteran and someone that helped pass the torch and lead the future, you know, and she’s completely been blindsided by Lana and this obsession with social media and whatever else.”

“I didn’t expect to lose my first match back, I didn’t expect to come back and have someone I considered a fellow veteran acting like a 20-year-old,” said James.

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