Hurt Business Banned From Ringside At SummerSlam, Cedric Alexander Wins 24/7 Title

(Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images)

UPDATE: Cedric Alexander is now the WWE 24/7 Champion. This title change happened during a six-man elimination tag match between the Hurt Business against Crews, Ricochet, and Ali. After Benjamin was eliminated, Alexander rolled him up.

This week on WWE RAW, MVP called out Retribution and blamed WWE United States Champion Apollo Crews for the group’s existence. MVP put on his detective hat in an effort to explain this mystery. “Always follow the money, and in this case it’s the same thing,” said MVP. Who benefits most from the actions of Retribution?”

MVP pointed to Crews and said that the United States Champion retained his title earlier this month due to the actions of Retribution. “I’m willing to bet that Apollo Crews hatched this whole Retribution thing,” said MVP.

Crews came to the ring and said that MVP was just making excuses. “Let’s face it, you can’t beat me without any help,” said Crews. He then challenged Shelton Benjamin to a match where, if Crews won, Benjamin and Bobby Lashley would be banned from Crews’ match with MVP at WWE SummerSlam.

Benjamin gained control of the match, but Crews rallied with a spinebuster. Benjamin countered the toss powerbomb into a DDT, but WWE 24/7  R-Truth, who was being chased by Akira Tozawa and his ninjas, distracted Benjamin. Crews capitalized by rolling Benjamin up for the win.

The Hurt Business beat Crews down after the match, but Ricochet, Mustafa Ali and Cedric Alexander saved Crews from the attack. Crews, Ali and Ricochet drove Lashley out of the ring. Benjamin dropped Truth with a big boot and pinned him to regain the WWE 24/7 Championship. MVP then challenged Crews and his allies to a six-man tag team match.

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