WWE RAW Results (8/17/20)

Mickie James vs. Natalya w/Lana

Natty pushes James. James tackles Natty and unloads on her. James tries the Mick-DT but Natty reverses it into a discus clothesline. Rollins and Murphy power walk to the ring and accost Samoa Joe. Rollins demands Joe tell him how he knows Rey Mysterio is going to be here tonight. Back in the ring, Lana distracts James which allows Natty to push James off the top. James is counted out.

Winner- Natalya

After the match, James kicks Lana in the face. Rollins grabs a mic and says if Mysterio or Dominik show up tonight he will end them both.

In-Ring Segment: Sasha Banks and Bayley

Banks and Bayley say they have been so busy lately but they are happy to finally get a night off at SummerSlam. Asuka is light work. Baszler interrupts. Baszler says whoever walks away with the RAW Women’s title, she’s got next. Asuka walks out and yells in Japanese.

Sasha Banks and Bayley vs. Asuka and Shayna Baszler

During the match, Nia Jax attacks Shayna Baszler through the plexiglass. Officials try to separate Jax and Asuka. Back in the ring, Asuka hip attacks Bayley and Banks off the apron at the same time. After the break, Bayley and Banks are working over Asuka. Bayley tries an elbow drop. Asuka kicks Bayley in the arm in midair. Asuka floors Bayley with a spinning back fist. Banks puts Asuka in the Banks Statement. Baszler runs down to the ring and breaks up the hold. Asuka tags in Baszler. Baszler hits a step-up knee on Banks. Baszler puts Banks in the Kirifuda Clutch. Bayley breaks it up but gets put in the Clutch. Banks backstabbers Baszler into a Bayley-to-Belly. Baszler kicks out. Asuka puts Banks in the Asuka Lock outside of the ring. Baszler puts Bayley in the Kirifiuda Clutch. Bayley taps out.

Winners- Asuka and Shayna Baszler

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