Further Details Behind Chris Jericho’s ‘Five Guys’ He’d Like To See In AEW

Chris Jericho

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Chris Jericho recently had five talents make “The List” of stars he’d like to see make their way to AEW. Those talents included Will Ospreay, Ricochet, Roman Reigns, Don Callis & Kota Ibushi.

On his most recent Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer was asked a mailbag question about the likelihood of any of these stars showing up under the All Elite Wrestling banner in the next twelve months and Meltzer made it evident that “The Big Dog” isn’t in contention.

“Roman Reigns is not going to AEW. Not happening,” said Meltzer, adding an intriguing note about top guys in WWE reaching out to AEW in some form or fashion. “Virtually everybody  in WWE, including guys who have claimed different at one point or another have called up people in AEW and everything, trying to see what they can get or have had interest.

“Roman Reigns and there’s a couple others, but Roman Reigns basically, of the top guys he was the only one who never even inquired so he ain’t going anywhere.”

Will Ospreay is obviously under contract with New Japan and Meltzer basically says an Ospreay AEW appearance would be contingent on an agreement reached between AEW President Tony Khan and NJPW President Harold Meij. Chris Jericho does have major interest in the U.K. high-flyer.

“Jericho really wanted to bring Will Ospreay in, but Will Ospreay really doesn’t like the United States that much and he really likes Japan and he really likes working for New Japan.”

Ibushi is in the same boat with Ospreay while Meltzer notes he is unsure as to when Ricochet’s contract expires with WWE.