Jim Ross Recounts Seeing Crush For The First Time

Jim Ross

Photo Credit: AXS TV

The latest episode of “Grilling JR” has Jim Ross reflecting on the wrestling days of the late Brian Adams, who fans initially got to know as Crush in the WWE. This past week was the 13th anniversary since Adams tragically passed away at the age of 43 so JR joined Conrad Thompson in celebrating the star’s squared circle career.

Conard kicks off the program by going over Adams’ out of the ring background before asking JR when he first became cognizant of Crush.

“I had him on my radar when I came to WWE in ’93 to do WrestleMania IX. I was not familiar with his work to any large degree. He always turned heads physically because he was such a big guy,” JR said, “So you couldn’t take your eyes off guys that large cause especially in that era, guys like that grew attention and they got many chances and Brian was not the exception to that rule. He got many chances to quote unquote get over and a lot of that was attributed to his size and athleticism so that’s where I first saw him.”

JR sure did see the money in Adams as a top draw, but the visual aspect of the business isn’t the only factor that comes into play when promoting talent.

“When you first see the guy, he’s a good-looking guy, that big ‘turn your head’ looking frame and you just think, ‘Well this guy’s gonna be a big star’ but there were there that prevented that.”

You can watch the short clip below and listen to the full episode of JR covering Brian Adams here.

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