Erick Rowan Reveals The Original Plans For His Cage Gimmick

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Erick Rowan appeared with Sportskeeda‘s Stephanie Chase earlier today for a Q&A session that covered many aspects of his wrestling career. In particular, talk shifted to his last gimmick before leaving WWE, the spider in a cage that appeared on RAW for months. As you might suspect, not even WWE knew what was going to be inside when the gimmick first started.

I had my first match on RAW against Seth and it was a false count anywhere match and they left me strong in that match. Then I was sent up to the UK and I was informed I was carrying a cage, I asked what’s in it and I was told you’ll find out.

Originally, the pitch from creative was that the cage would contain a rodent of some kind. It was going to be killed by an unspecified babyface champion, but the champion turned heel, so the gimmick was prolonged. “They just kept extending it, extending it, extending it.”

Finally, the spider that we all saw hit RAW. If it was up to Rowan, however, it would have been something much more out there.

I had over the top ideas about it. One was this actress in American Horror Story, the smallest woman of all time. She was an American Horror Story freakshow. One idea was to build a slightly larger cage and when unveiled it would be this slightly smaller woman. me and her would be friends and I would be protecting her from the atrocities of the outside world by locking her in the cage.

Erick Rowan, who now goes by Erick Redbeard, also went into WWE contacting him for the recent Wyatt Swamp Fight during the interview. You can watch the full conversation embedded below:


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