Doc Gallows Looks Back On Road To Dontaku Battle With Tanahashi & Makabe, Looks Forward To Return To Japan

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WrestleZone recently spoke with Doc Gallows, who pointed out one of his matches from the 2014 Road To Dontaku tour in New Japan Pro-Wrestling. Taking place on night one of the tour, Gallows says he only saw it for the first time a few months ago when it aired on AXS TV. Despite being in the match, Gallows noted that they were so busy with Bullet Club during that run that everything blurred together. He says that match, in particular, was a nice mix of styles and he’s hopeful to work with New Japan again once travel restrictions are eased.

“I saw a match that had aired recently on AXS TV before New Japan was no longer part of it, and it was Karl and I against Makabe and Tanahashi. I didn’t remember doing it because I think that was the year we did 35 weeks in Japan, so we had a lot of matches that I thought were cool and I didn’t necessarily have big memories of them because we were just on the road and wrestling and gone so much. I sat back and watched it as a fan and I really enjoyed it. There’s a lot of fun stuff in there, they are both obviously—Tanahashi is one of the best to ever do it and Makabe is a hard-hitting guy so I always like mixing it up with him, we have a similar style.

“I enjoyed it, man. I enjoy the Japanese style and that’s another thing about IMPACT is we got to carve out [an agreement] to work in New Japan when the world’s opened up again. I look forward to going there and working with those guys again and working with some of the newer talent in New Japan that have stepped up in the five or six years that Karl and I have been gone. I think there’s a lot of cool, new stuff to create, so it’s exciting. That Makabe and Tanahashi match was a lot of fun to watch back. I’d never seen it before and I enjoyed it, so if you’re a fan of that style, check it out.”

Matches from Gallows’ 2014 Dontaku run and much more can be seen on New Japan Pro-Wrestling World (subscription required) at this link.

Hiroshi Tanahashi & Togi Makabe vs. BULLET CLUB (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson)

NJPW Road To Wrestling Dontaku 2014 — April 19, 2014

You can check out some more from our interview with Doc Gallows at this link or watch the full video below.

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