Velveteen Dream Returns To NXT & Beats Up Kushida, Cameron Grimes Wins Qualifier

Photo Credit: WWE

Tonight’s episode of NXT ended with another Triple Threat qualifier match for the vacant NXT North American Championship, but also featured the shocking return of Velveteen Dream to the NXT ring.

In a match that featured Kushida, Cameron Grimes, and a mystery opponent, it was revealed that Dream was the third entrant, and his return was quite the shock to the other two superstars in the ring. With all three in the ring, they quickly went at it as they tried to become the next superstar to advance to NXT TakeOver: XXX’s championship match. In a surprising turn of events, however, it was Cameron Grimes who came away with the win, as he shoved Dream out of the win and pinned Kushida to lock in his spot.

After the match, with Grimes out of the ring, Dream continued to shock the world of NXT by taking out his frustration on Kushida. Dream quickly began landing various punches onto him, assaulting him until Kushida was out of the ring. With Dream still in the ring, Finn Balor then came down to ringside, entering the ring and staring down Dream, as the two will face off next week to see which of the two superstars advances to TakeOver.

For more on how the triple threat match ended, check out below:

Kushida drops Dream with a tornado DDT. Grimes slams Kushida into the corner. Dream sneaks in the ring and rolls up Grimes. Grimes kicks out. After the break, everyone hits a big strike. All three men are down. Dream sends Grimes to the outside. Dream drops and axehandle on Grimes. Dream hits the Dream Valley Driver on Kushida. Grimes throws Dream out of the ring to steal the pin. Dream pulls Grimes out of the ring. As Dream and Grimes battle, Kushida dives off the top and flattens Dream with a senton. Kushida puts Grimes in a flying hammerlock off the top. Dream tries to break it up but gets put un the Hoverboard Lock. Dream almost turns it into the DVD. Kushida reverses that into the Hoverboard lock. Grimes hits the Cave In on Kushida. Grimes pushes Dream out of the ring and pins Kushida.

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