Liv Morgan Has No Issue With RAW Underground Dancers: ‘Empower All Women’

Photo Credit: WWE

Liv Morgan says she has no issue with Raw Underground dancers. 

With Raw Underground looking to shake-up the format of WWE’s Monday night brand, the addition of women dancing in an effort to mirror the vibe of a nightclub has been a polarizing decision. While the dancers were apart of the first underground segment, by the following week, they were already removed.

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Some fans felt the addition of the dancers is a regressive step after all of the progress in the WWE Women’s Evolution movement.

WWE Raw Superstar, Liv Morgan, took to Twitter to address the complaints. The New Jerseyan, who made her debut in 2018, revealed that she doesn’t think this is a regressive move and with all of the progress WWE has made with its women’s division, that the time has come where we can celebrate and empower all women, even the ones who are not inside of the squared circle.

“We have come so far in the evolution.. And with no signs of slowing down, I don’t think it is in any danger. Showing beautiful women proudly dancing (believe it or not, huge money making profession)doesn’t hurt anything. Empower all women.”

Mickie James, who returned on the August 10 episode of WWE Raw is also in agreement with bringing the dancers back.

With Raw Underground entering its third week, changes are to be expected. Time will tell if the dancers are brought back into the fold.