Booker T Believes RAW’s ‘Most Valuable Player’ Of COVID-19 Is MVP

Booker T

Photo: Reality Of Wrestling

Booker T does happen to see WWE stars flourishing during the global pandemic  On a recent episode of The Hall of Fame, co-host Brad Gilmore pitches to Booker the question who he thinks is WWE Raw’s standing “Most Valuable Player”  during the COVID-19 era of the show. One half of Harlem Heat believed that it is none other than MVP and The Hurt Business who has been lighting the flame for the red brand.

“I think MVP has made a bigger splash in the COVID era just because he’s been going out and creating some really, really good drama and not having to do anything to create it, other than just go out and speak and talk. He’s making me remember everything.”

Booker adds that he believes this is the seasoned vet’s best run with the company so far.

“Honestly I think I remember this career so much more than I did his first career and I’m not saying that, just because I really feel like this time he’s in a groove and if I had to give it to anybody it would be him, to be honest, yeah.”

Check out the clip of Gilmore and Booker’s discussion below: