IMPACT Wrestling Results (8/11/20)

IMPACT Wrestling Results IMPACT Wrestling Results

August 11

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Willie Mack vs. Eric Young

Backstage, Willie Mack and Eric Young are fighting. Referees and security separate mack and Young. Young clubs Mack from behind, and they start fighting again. Mack and Young fight down to the ringside area. Young eventually runs away. Mack grabs a mic and demands Young get back to the ring right now. Since they have a match later, let’s just do this now. Young says he’ll do this on his time. Young tries to walk away. Mack runs after Young. Mack drags Young back to the ring. Young stomps Mack as he tries to roll back in. The referee ring the bell. Mack floors Young with a wheel kick. Young eventually lands his flying elbow drop. Mack kicks out. Young works over Mack. Mack fires up and hits a suplex. Young responds with a lariat. Mack later manages to land the Stunner. Mack grabs a chair from under the ring. Mack puts the chair on Young’s leg. Young gets up and crotches Mack on the top rope. Young hits a piledriver for the win. 

Winner- Eric Young

Wrestle House

Taya Valkyrie says she is going to treat the house and let them watch her greatest hits tape. Valkyrie asks where Cousin Jake is. Cody looks.. Nervous. Cody tells her that he ate something bad and has been in the bathroom all day. Valkyrie wants to know where Susie is. Alisha Edwards says she also ate something bad. Alisha goes to check on her. Rosemary fumes as Bravo is giving Valkyre a massage. Crazy Steve chats up Rosemary.  Cody helps Cousin Jake get ready for his date with Susie. Alisha does the same. 

Backstage, Reno Scum attacks Rhino and takes Hernandez’s money. 


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