Crowbar Runs Down Today’s ‘Thin-Skinned’ Talent Using His ‘Timeless’ Style In New Promo


Crowbar has been on a weekly routine of releasing promos to start the week and his latest is indeed “timeless” on several levels.

The former WCW is seen standing in his wine cellar as he begins to run down today’s talents’ mindset as they continue to embrace the wrestling style stars like him revolutionized. He states that he was treated with the same criticisms as to when he started out because he was always somebody who would be embedded in the car crash style of wrestling. Skeptics would say his body wouldn’t last a whole year but he still remains.

“You may be the most athletically gifted wrestling generation ever, you may draw the adoration and the love of the demographic, you may be ‘Elite’ but unlike the finest of wines, you will never be timeless,” Crowbar stated before sipping on his top shelf red.

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WrestleZone’s Dominic DeAngelo conducted over an hour interview with Crowbar as they talked about his promo ability, including one that consisted of challenging to Cody Rhodes for his TNT Title (all with a Star Wars stipulation). You can check that out below:

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