Ken Shamrock Tells WWE & Shane McMahon To ‘Call Him’ If They Want To Make Worked Shoots Look Good

Ken Shamrock

Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Ken Shamrock seems game to make RAW Underground a little more authentic. The IMPACT star was seeing how the new WWE property was being presented on Monday nights and felt the worked shoot aspect of needed a little boost from “The World’s Most Dangerous Man.” Ken even Tweeted out MC Shane McMahon directly, stating:

“Hey WWE and Shane McMahon next time you guys want to do some worked shoots on #RawUnderground and actually make them look good, you got my number, give me a call!”

Shamrock does clarify that his comments didn’t mean that he’d toss it up on WWE programming, but that he’d show them how to do worked shoots.

“I said if you want to make it look real which I know how to do, I never said participate,” he Tweeted in his responses.

Shamrock is certainly a name that knows both the work and shoot sides of the wrestling ring considering he’s been a major star in both that and the MMA octagon. He’s also no stranger to a different fighting environment presented by WWE as he’s competed in a Lion’s Den Match against the likes of the late Owen Hart and Steve Blackman.

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