Randy Orton Calls Ric Flair A Whore For The Spotlight, Punts Him

randy orton

Photo credit: AMER HILABI/AFP/Getty Images

This week on WWE RAW, Kevin Owens faced Randy Orton after Ric Flair set the match up last week. Flair accompanied Orton to the ring, and the two competitors were evenly matched early on. Orton dodged a Stunner, but Owens rocked the Viper with a superkick and a cannonball.  Owens talked some trash to the Nature Boy and continued to dominate Orton. But the Viper gained the upper hand by sending Owens crashing into the steel steps. Owens almost got countd out, but Owens rolled outside the ring to stop the referee’s count. Owens rallied, but Orton slammed him onto the broadcast table.

Orton continued to dissect Owens, but the “PrizeFighter” rallied again. A diving Senton earned Owens a two count, but Orton countered a Stunner into an RKO for the win. Flair raised Orton’s arm after the match. Orton grabbed a microphone and said he had to talk to Flair. The Viper said he should be upset with Flair, but he can’t be. The Viper pointed out that he shouldn’t have had to face Owens, but Flair made the match. Orton credited Flair for some of his success and reflected on Flair’s impact on his career. He said that Flair bailed him out of trouble. “I loved you,” said Orton. He said he doesn’t love Flair anymore though and he called the legend a liability. Orton said he thinks Flair wanted him to be the son that he wished he had.

Flair cried and Orton mocked him for it. “You’re not the Ric Flair that taught me everything that he knows,” said Orton. The Viper mocked Flair for his health problems and called him a junkie for the spotlight. Flair took the microphone and responded by saying that the old Ric Flair is gone. The Nature Boy agreed that he still wants to be in the spotlight. Flair said he wants Orton’s approval and he wants to stay by Orton’s side when the Viper breaks his record for world title reigns. Flair said that, after his coma, he wanted to tell his family and friends that he loved them. The Nature Boy said he just wants Orton to break his record. The two men hugged, but Orton hit Flair with a low blow from behind as he walked away.

Orton then coldly punted Flair in the head, but the lights went out during the kick. WWE Champion Drew McIntyre rushed to the ring and chased Orton off. McIntyre stared Orton down and vowed to hurt him at WWE SummerSlam. McIntyre called Orton “an evil son of a b—-.”

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