Shayna Baszler Beats Several Women On RAW Underground, Retribution Destroys A Car

Shayna Baszler

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Shayna Baszler Beats Several Women On RAW Underground

Shayna Baszler showed up on RAW Underground this week, where she dominated everyone who tried to stand in her way. Baszler faced three competitors at the same time and defeated them all. The former NXT Women’s Champion made one of her opponents tap out to clinch her first victory in RAW Underground. Riddick Moss, Erik, and Dolph Ziggler are some other members of the main roster who have competed in RAW Underground.

Retribution Destroys A Car

Retribution continues to wreak havoc on WWE. This week on WWE RAW, the mysterious stable destroyed a car in their latest act of defiance. At this time, it’s unclear who the car belonged to.

Earlier in the show, the group threw a cinderblock through a window.

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