Dominik Mysterio Signs WWE Contract, Gets Caned By Seth Rollins And Murphy

Rey Mysterio

Photo by Andy Hayt/SanDiego Padres/Getty Images

This week on WWE RAW, Seth Rollins and Dominik Mysterio signed the contract for their match at WWE SummerSlam. Samoa Joe moderated the occasion and explained that Mysterio would also be signing a WWE contract. Mysterio came to the ring with a theme song and an entrance video, and he was carrying a kendo stick. Rollins immediately called Mysterio a coward and a “scared little boy.” Mysterio gave Joe the kendo stick, and Joe said Rollins has been using his feelings to justify his actions.

Rollins maintained that he gave Mysterio and his father a choice, and they made the wrong decision. The Monday Night Messiah said he never had a choice. “I tried to be Mr. Burn It Down,” Rollins said. “I got crapped on.” He said the fans turned him into the Monday Night Messiah. Mysterio told Rollins he’s always making excuses, but he’s ruining lives. “The greater good you fight for is for yourself,” said Mysterio.

Rollins called Mysterio ungrateful because he’s the one who’s making the newcomer’s dream come true. Mysterio instantly fired back. “Now, my dream is to kick your a–,” said Mysterio. Rollins laughed Mysterio off and said he wouldn’t last ten seconds in the ring with him. But the Monday Night Messiah said he’ll let Mysterio bring any weapon he wants to their match so that he won’t have any excuse when Rollins destroys him.

Humberto Carrillo came to the ring for a match with Rollins, and Mysterio watched the bout at ringside. Using his kendo stick, Mysterio fended off Murphy twice when he tried to attack Carrillo. Still, Rollins delivered a devastating Stomp to Carrillo for a decisive win. After the bell, Murphy attacked Mysterio, and Rollins joined in on the assault. Mysterio fought back, but the numbers game was too much for him. Rollins grabbed the kendo stick and beat Mysterio with it. With several brutal strikes, Rollins sent an emphatic message to his rival. The Monday Night Messiah taunted an off-screen Rey Mysterio and told him to beg for mercy.

Murphy and Rollins tied Dominik in the ropes and told Murphy to hit him with another kendo stick. Both men repeatedly beat him with kendo sticks and Rollins told Dominik that he’s just paying his dues as a WWE superstar. Finally, Rollins moved to Stomp Mysterio, but he stopped and laughed it off. “To be continued, Rey,” Rollins said.

The damage caused by Rollins’ attack was captured in an Instagram post.

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